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Our Story

We are a couple of guys that share a fascination with high performance machines. Our enthusiasm and extensive experience in the automotive industry led us to “chuck it” and go all in on our dream.

Forza Motorsports LLC – our motto says it all: Better. Faster. Cars.

In a small shop under the tall North Carolina pines, we do everything – from brake jobs to exotic engine

rebuilds. We are meeting a need for quality repair/high performance work without compromise in the Central NC area.

To prove the truth of our slogan, we also compete in time trials nationally in our Z3 race car.

We may be racing on a shoestring, but this is our way of sharing our passion. We pride ourselves on

quality without compromise and want to let you in on our appetite for cars, motorsports, and, especially

European Engineering.

Privacy Statement

All Information collected is used to better suit your needs and to assist us in regards to quoting services for your vehicle. Your information will not be sold or provided to any 3rd party companies or individuals. Forza Motorsports LLC Values your Privacy.

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